The first demountable stadium made with 974 containers


The containers are not only used as containers for the transport of goods but have also been used in the construction of different facilities such as homes, offices, shopping centers and even research areas. Now, its practicality and versatility have returned to the news with the construction of the first removable stadium made with 974 of these metal bodies.

This interesting milestone has taken place in Qatar with the name of “974 STADIUM” and its construction was intended to serve as a sustainable and completely removable playing space for the last World Cup. The 974 containers used for the construction of this peculiar stadium come from the Chinese company ”CIMC”, which also has a presence in countries such as Argentina.


A stadium made of containers is at the forefront of FIFA requirements and the environment

This innovative stadium made with containers, has a capacity for 40 thousand spectators, characteristics that allowed it to host important matches such as the one between Argentina and Poland. While its name “974 STADIUM” may refer to the number of containers used in its construction, it also refers to the international dialing code for making calls to this country, which is “+974”.

In terms of respect for the environment, the stadium received 4-star certification by the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), because its design did not require so many materials, which in turn considerably decreased the carbon footprint in these processes, not to mention that work times and construction costs also had a reduction. In addition, the fact that it is a removable structure means that it can be moved to different parts of the country, and the world, for future events.

With regard to the project, those responsible have stated that without the resources of a manufacturer of the size of CIMC, it would have been almost impossible to even think about the construction of the stadium and is that the Chinese giant is currently the largest supplier of containers worldwide today, being a leader in this segment for ten years in a row.

In short, the “974 STADIUM” is an example of how ingenuity and the proper use of resources such as containers, when initiating large-scale projects, should not result in harm to the environment, but quite the opposite. If you would like to discover more interesting content about the logistics industry internationally, we invite you to explore our blog and know all the news we have prepared for you.



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