Tesla Semi: The electric trucks that will change transportation


Tesla’s electric trucks with the name “Tesla Semi” have been gaining greater relevance since their staging at the beginning of 2017, when the first prototypes were presented during that same year with a range of up to 804 kilometers using only this resource. Although the characteristics of these trucks are quite promising, certain delays in their production extended the first official deliveries until December 2022, giving excellent results among users who have already acquired this type of heavy vehicles.

The Tesla Semi is a truck that works on electric energy with an aerodynamic design that gives it elegance and the ability to travel several kilometers achieving the greatest possible savings during those long journeys in which not only the energy expenditure must be taken into account, but also the weight of the loads that are transported at that time.

Regarding the design of this interesting truck, we must emphasize that its cabin has been built with a central approach, that is, in such a way that the driver is positioned right in the center of it in order to have a better handling on the road. Elaborating a little more on the comforts of the cabin, this has two screens that show information about the vehicle’s route in real time with the idea of offering an accurate report of the current trip.


Specifications of these electric trucks

Among the specifications of these powerful Tesla electric trucks we can mention its towing capacity of up to 37,000 kilos, its autonomy of up to 804 kilometers, an expense of 2 kilowatts per mile and ultra-fast recharging capacity for those situations of unforeseen events where a reaction is required in the shortest possible time, resulting in obtaining 70% of the load in just half an hour.

A good balance between traditional features and the latest advances in navigation technology make the Tesla Semi one of the  most cutting-edge electric trucks, although it will have to face other major manufacturers that have already ventured into the lucrative business of heavy vehicles powered by electric energy. Beyond the benefits that the use of the Tesla Semi brings to the environment, the improvements it provides to the driver in terms of functionality and safety will undoubtedly change the logistics industry once it reaches other countries.

Along with these advances, we must not forget the importance of having highly competent cargo insurance that fits your needs as a company in the best way, also seeking the safety and reputation of your brand down to the smallest detail and with the quality of service that has positioned us during these years of constant commitment.  



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