Telematics, the technology that transforms freight transport


Telematics is the combination of computer science and various communication technologies that aim to solve problems originated in any branch of development at a commercial, industrial, scientific level, among others of great importance. In this sense, the logistics sector has been especially benefited thanks to the expansion of these technological tools that are increasingly friendly in terms of operation and price. 

The implementation of these advances is crucial for cargo transport, since its use brings important benefits in terms of its daily operations, correct decision-making and even greater security in the integrity of both the personnel transporting the goods, as well as that of the products themselves in transit.


Telematics and its advantages in freight transport

The advantages  of telematics in the logistics sector could be divided into endless aspects, depending on the means of transport, the distance to be traveled and even the type of merchandise that is moved. However, taking some of the most generalized, we can highlight some such as: increasing automation in processes, more efficient control remotely, increased productivity and even savings in time and costs in operational issues.

Another fundamental advantage of telematics tools is that they have improved communication between the actors of the logistics chain by allowing a more agile and efficient management of the load, since they allow to share important information such as the location of vehicles, status of products and delivery schedules. This direct communication greatly facilitates real-time coordination as well as faster decision-making, which translates into greater efficiency in the logistics process and better service to the end customer.


Reasons why the logistics sector should rely on telematics

 Telematics is a key tool to improve efficiency and quality in logistics management, as well as to meet the needs and expectations of end customers, thanks to the fact that it provides benefits such as:

  • Improvement in the quality of the fleets and the communication they have with the monitoring centers.
  • Better management of both fuel and the right amount of goods for a more efficient movement to the point of destination.
  • Improvement of the driver in terms of his ability to manage the fleet following the appropriate protocols in the face of any misfortune.
  • A clear increase in productivity when the driver and control center must make quick and timely decisions when changing routes effectively before or during the trip.

Although telematics offers the latest advances in hardware and software, we must not leave aside the hiring of cargo insurance that fits your business model through the advice of our team of experts who have a long history in terms of the detection of logistics risks, with the main purpose of safeguarding your merchandise and the prestige of your brand.



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