Technologies to optimize distribution routes


Optimizing distribution routes is crucial for the proper development of logistics operations in any company that is dedicated to this sector, since it allows to achieve a really significant efficiency and savings of operating costs that will even give it greater competitiveness thanks to its more accurate, safe, and fast delivery process.

It has been proven that those logistics companies that apply a good optimization when preparing their distribution routes manage to save up to 85% with respect to planning times and up to 22% in operating costs related to transport, not to also mention the increase in customer satisfaction, who will receive their packages in the stipulated time and in perfect condition. 


Advantages of applying technology in distribution routes

The implementation of technology in distribution routes is transforming the logistics landscape. Next, we will explain the many advantages offered by technological innovations to improve the way products reach their final destination:

  • It allows the resolution of problems related to the responsible planning of shipments and withdrawals of the merchandise.
  • Better real-time communication between the company and third parties has been achieved.
  • It facilitates the optimization of the different aspects that make up the routes (speed, safety of the route itself, fuel and means of transport required).
  • Better control when analyzing the time needed to complete each of the proposed routes.
  • Order and expedite the delivery of packages to customers.
  • Significant savings in operating costs.


Technologies that improve logistics operations

The right mix of technological solutions can help companies improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, minimize delivery times, and better serve their customers. Below, we share 5 technologies that are commonly used to optimize distribution routes:

  1. Fleet Management Systems (FMS): These solutions allow us to control and monitor in real time the fleet of vehicles used in the distribution.
  2. GPS navigation systems: They provide accurate and up-to-date directions on the best routes to reach destinations quickly and efficiently.
  3. Route optimization solutions: These software uses advanced algorithms to find the most efficient sequence of stops and thus minimize distance and travel time.
  4. Sensors and tracking devices in vehicles: Allow real-time data to be collected on performance, fuel consumption, temperature, humidity, and other relevant parameters.
  5. Mobile applications and information exchange platforms: They help to have more fluid communication and better collaboration between those involved in the distribution chain, such as drivers, warehouse managers and customers.


Some tools that help streamline logistics processes are: Tookan for the correct analysis of your navigation data, Route4Me for accurate tracking of kilometers traveled by GPS or OptimoRoute for those who require more complex planning when sending their cargoes.

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