Supply chains change forecast by 2025


Although supply chains have experienced some recovery in recent months, the truth is that force majeure factors such as the pandemic and the current military conflict between Ukraine and Russia have forced large carriers to reinvent their strategies in the face of a market that is more changing and competitive than ever.

The transportation industry promises to continue generating significant revenue in the coming years, something that different companies around the world must maintain through modifications in their daily processes.


2025 will mean relevant changes for supply chains

Supply chains depend on harmony and proper functioning at the international level, which practically forces both large and small carriers to find alternatives that guarantee success in the face of endless situations that could continue to arise until 2025.

But what exactly are the changes that will impact a sector of such importance from this year 2023 that has just begun until 2025?


Greater reliance on local supply

The war between Russia and Ukraine has undoubtedly been the factor that has caused the greatest negative impact on the transport sector in recent times, which has been especially reflected when requiring supplies from suppliers from other parts of the world. Therefore, one of the changes that we will see for 2025 is precisely a greater dependence on local suppliers with the idea of correcting this situation by ensuring a “controlled terrain” in which external factors cannot influence.


5G networks, apps, and Artificial Intelligence as the best allies

In scenarios as changing as those experienced in the current transport industry, technologies such as 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence and even mobile applications will be tools that will have a notable role during 2025. Processes that focus above all on digitalization and facilitating the management of mobilizing large Shipments quickly thanks to systems that provide recommendations depending on the status of the market will be practically the rule to comply with. 


Hiring new staff will be a more competitive field

The setbacks suffered by the transport industry in recent years will make hiring personnel a more rigorous task in which skills related to the ability to resolve situations under stressful situations, ability to understand and adapt to new technologies and of course, the ability to communicate extremely effectively with both other employees and international partners are considered. 


Cargo insurance as an essential requirement

Supply chains will continue to undergo important changes over the next few years, therefore, having insurance that adapts perfectly to all kinds of misfortunes is simply the best decision you can make to not only preserve the integrity of your goods, but also the trust of your customers. 

Contact us for information about our coverage and how we can preserve investments in your logistics business from experts with years of experience, properly handling any possibility of risk in your shipments. 



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