Maersk has re-established a call at Sydney Port


After the strike in Australia, which affected the Port of Sydney, has been lifted, the logistics giant Maersk will resume its call from that location to the east coast of the United States and New Zealand. Until now, the port of Brisbane had been used as an alternative to the strike that began in December last year.

Due to the strike, in January this year, Maersk decided to deal with the constant restrictions and problems in the various deliveries caused in Australia and the Panama Canal. It launched a strategy that consisted of splitting its OC1 service into two separate segments: one focused on the Pacific and one focused on meeting demand in the Atlantic. The idea was to try to reduce the time in deliveries from its different partners.

As a result of these changes, Maersk will dispense with services in Tauranga, a New Zealand port that joined the company at the beginning of last February as a transit alternative, destined for import cargo from Sydney to the east coast of the United States and certain points in Latin America.


Major changes following the reincorporation of Sydney Port

The return of the Port of Sydney to Maersk’s logistics operations comes as a complete relief for the transport giant. You will now see your delivery times between these routes reduced to three weeks instead of the four that the same operations took. Previously, freighters did not choose to transit through the Panama Canal, but instead used an 80-kilometer land access road that connects Balboa with Manzanillo, using railroads that were intended to move containers across the Isthmus of Panama.

After crossing this land bridge, OC1 turned around in Balboa and reached Australia and New Zealand, while the Atlantic service proceeded to round Manzanillo, thus covering the east coast of the United States.

Maersk plans to fully return to Sydney on March 26, operating with three vessels from 3,500 to 3,800 TEUs until the date agreed by the company.


More than propitious times to acquire cargo insurance

The recent strike in the port of Sydney, the logistical inconveniences in Panama and the worrying conflict that is currently brewing in the Red Sea after the declarations of the Houthi rebels to continue attacking any ship that sails in those waters, are just some of the reasons why we always recommend purchasing cargo insurance that can really adapt to the characteristics and needs of your business.

The prestige, the safety of the goods, the safety of the personnel in charge of your logistics operations and the customers who rely on your transport services deserve highly competent insurance companies that know how to respond without problems to situations such as those already explained.




Maersk restablece recalada en Sydney en servicio de la ruta USEC – ANZ, OC1. Mundo Marítimo

Maersk reorganiza servicio entre la costa este de EE.UU., Australia y Nueva Zelanda. Mundo Marítimo

Maersk reorganiza servicio entre la costa este de EE.UU., Australia y Nueva Zelanda. CAMAE

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