Maerks agrees with Spain the world production of green methanol


The world production of sustainable energy has become a priority for large companies within the logistics sector in terms of reducing operating costs in order to increase efficiency and in turn be more competitive within such a changing sector.

For its part, the Danish freight transport giant, Maersk, seems to understand it perfectly since it has chosen Andalusia and Galicia for what will be the construction of two important green methanol processing centers, an initiative that will also have the budget from European funds in what promises to be a large-scale project.

With regard to the initial investment, Maersk has reached an investment agreement of 10,000 million that will be distributed between Andalusia and Galicia with the aim of starting the production of this fuel in both centers. These two plants are added to the one in Egypt, which had already been announced by the logistics giant during the month of March of this year.


A global production that brings about benefits: new jobs and up to 80 wind farms

These green methanol production centers will bring about benefits to world production, especially with the opening of new jobs, since between 4,500 and 5,000 direct jobs could be generated according to estimates given by several government sources. To this interesting number, we must also add the possibility of between 35,000 and 40,000 new positions only during the construction stage of these centers.

At the moment the talks between the current president of government, Pedro Sánchez and the chief executive of Maersk, Soren Skou, continue their normal course with regard to processes of this type, also confirming that  up to 80 new wind farms will be necessary to supply the energy that guarantees a correct functioning in the future tasks of processing the precious fuel. These two plants are expected to reach an operational level of 100% by 2030provided that the plans currently drawn up go smoothly.

This investment by the giant Maersk is well received by the Spanish State, since in times when uncertainty reigns due to the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, sustainable energies such as methanol represent an escape route from the expenses that the logistics sector must face in the coming years.


Cargo insurance as a necessary complement to logistics operations

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“Maersk agrees with the Government an investment of 10,000 million to produce green methanol in Spain.” The Country


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