Logistics under the new law-decree of land transportation in Spain


On March 1 of this year, the new law-decree on the land transport in Spain came into force, which integrates some modifications that directly influence the way in which logistics companies operates in the country. But what are these changes and how is it possible to expand our knowledge about this new law-decree? 

Most important amendments to the land transportation law

 This law has been of great importance in terms of good compliance with the legal responsibilities of the different companies that offer logistics services, since it is responsible for regulating all logistics operations within Spanish territory in order to find feasible solutions to certain problems that have arisen over the years. The reason for the recent changes made to with this law-decree arise from the discontent of the transport sector, which demands better working conditions that in turn achieves the correct balance between employers, law enforcement institutions focused on road safety and the workers themselves who make the delivery of goods throughout the country. As mentioned before, the transport law for land vehicles in Spain has undergone a series of modifications to improve the quality of logistics operations, as well to incorporate some flexibilities that will benefit the workers of the sector. 

Limitations on loading and unloading goods

One of the most relevant changes in the new land transportation law-decree is the limitation that drivers will now have in the loading and unloading of goods. As of now they will not be able to participate in such operations if the merchandise has a weight greater than 7.5 tons.

Reduction in loading and unloading waiting time

With these changes, the waiting time by carriers in loading and unloading operations, which was previously 2 hours, is now reduced to 1. In situations in which this waiting time is exceeded, the carrier may demand compensation that will be equivalent to the Income of Multiple Effects Official Indicator/day multiplied by 2 for each hour or fraction of delay

Rates Adjustment due diesel cost

One of the points reflected in this new law is that of the possible adjustment of the rates at the time of formalizing the contract, if price of diesel varies by 5% or more. With the new law-decree, the carrier may request a reduction or increase in the rate depending on such factor.


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