Factors to Consider for Cargo Transportation Insurance


Cargo transport insurance is one vital service for the well-being of any business related to local or international logistics. Regardless of how good the processes are implemented, the technology behind each of them or the rigor of the policies that are carried out during the transport tasks, there will always be that latent risk of being affected in situations of loss, damage or delay of the merchandise in transit due to situations that we cannot always foresee. 


What is cargo transport insurance and what are its advantages?

Cargo transport insurance is a coverage or service whose main objective is to protect the goods that are moved from the point of departure to the place of destination established by the customer. This type of insurance offers coverage for goods that are in transit using means of transport via land, sea or air, which is why they are an efficient and reliable option, especially when a significant investment has already been made.


With regard to the advantages of using these insurances focused on the logistics sector, we have:

  • Protection of the goods against loss or damage of the goods in transit.
  • Complete advice regarding the correct way to process claims related to serious incidents occurring in the merchandise.
  • They offer an excellent level of coverage compared to the basic responsibilities that the carrier has on its own, which do not protect the merchandise with as much quality or breadth as cargo transport insurance does.
  • These insurances allow a significant saving of money in situations in which an immediate response is needed to damage, loss or stagnation of the merchandise, since its coverage is usually quite efficient in such scenarios.
  • The profitability and prestige of the transport company is increased thanks to the image of responsibility that it projects in the face of customers.


As you can see, insurance of this type offers endless advantages for both the most veteran carriers and those with less experience in the logistics sector. 


Factors to consider before choosing cargo transport insurance

In order to hire the best insurance, it is important to consider several factors before carrying out this process and also to know the types of coverage that exist when we talk about logistics.


As for the types of coverage that this type of insurance offers, everything will depend on the following scenarios:

  • Breakages
  • Wetting damages
  • Rollover damage
  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Collapses
  • Derailments
  • Stranded merchandise
  • Merchandise burned after fires


The level of coverage in cargo insurance is not only the best option when it comes to protecting the merchandise of customers and for which the transport company is responsible, but also a way to take your business to new horizons in terms of trust, popularity and even value in the market for potential investors.


Regarding the essential factors to consider when taking out cargo insurance, we have:

  • Clear specifications on the merchandise to be protected at the time of entering the information in the policy.
  • Evaluate the type of suitable coverage depending on the type of merchandise and means of transport to be used.
  • Carefully compare the coverage packages offered by each insurer in order to discern which one best fits the requirements of the company. 
  • Verification of all those exclusions, benefits and other relevant details once the policy has been chosen.
  • Research what payment options are available in order to opt for the most convenient.


At ONUS Insurance we constantly highlight the importance of receiving advice from experts in logistics risks to clarify doubts about the cargo transport insurance that best suits the specific requirements of each company, in addition to keeping informed about the constant updates in regulations.  Contact us and we will gladly be able to help you.



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