Expansion at the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas: Phase III of TEC I in 2024


The Port of Lazaro Cardenas continues to be the scene of important advances in the logistics industry, specifically Hutchison Ports, which has already announced phase III of its expansion plan at the specialized container terminal TEC, which will begin in 2024 with the aim of achieving greater productivity and handling capacity of the containers they currently store.

According to information provided by company executives, the expansion of this port will take Hutchison Ports from handling 1.3 million feet to an incredible 20 million feet once the expansion is completed.


Specifications of the expansion at the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas

As for the details or specifications of the expansion in the Port of Lazaro Cardenas, it was reported that it contemplates covering an additional 345 meters of dock and a yard expansion of about 28.3 hectares. The aforementioned will result in a total of 1,275 meters of dock and about 105 hectares in its yards, something clearly remarkable.

The projected cost for this major work will be 220 million dollars, and the acquisition of 5 RTG cranes and 10 QC cranes is also planned. These changes are of considerable importance to the company, which has been operating for two decades and has so far maintained operations with 14.6 million TEUs. Jorge Magno Lecona, general manager for Latin America and the Caribbean at Hutchison Ports, commented: “20 years ago, what was there was pasture”, hinting at the progress and commitment that has allowed them to get to where they are.

The director also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the customers for the trust placed in them during these years of service.


A port that is already relevant for international logistics

The Port of Lazaro Cardenas is positioned as one of the most relevant in the logistics sector, occupying the second position in importance for the Mexican Pacific coast in the handling of large-scale cargoes. Even providing services to several countries on the Asian continent. Regarding the expansion operations and the investment, it represents for Hutchison Ports, Alfredo Huesca, general manager of the terminal, commented the following: “We believe that this investment and commitment comes at a time when Mexico needs infrastructure for commercial exchange derived from nearshoring,” adding that the work is expected to be completed within three years.

Continuing with the importance of this port, other personalities of the sector, such as Jorge Luis Cruz Ballado, retired admiral, and current director of the Administration of the National Port System (Asipona) Lázaro Cárdenas, also offered interesting details about the history of the company. He commented that Hutchison Ports was practically the first investor to contribute to the development of TEC I in April 2003, also expressing his satisfaction at being able to be part of a new stage that will benefit the logistics sector in general.




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