AIMAS promotes logistics productivity with intermodal mission


The Intermodal Association of South America (AIMAS) is promoting an intermodal logistics model  through a series of meetings that are already taking place in Uruguay and Mexico. Among the objectives pursued with these visits are to highlight the advantages of applying logistics of this type and at the same time ensure constant coordination with companies, organizations, researchers and academics in those countries.

“In each visit, the objectives of AIMAS, the situation and opportunities regarding intermodalism in South America will be exposed, as well as the status of those countries, where in the case of opportunities companies will be connected so that they can establish a dialogue that could lead them to future alliances between private parties,” was part of the official statement of the Association regarding the activities that are currently underway.

The meetings that took place from January 31 to February 22 of this year, represent an opportunity of great importance for the transport companies of both Uruguay and Mexico, since AIMAS wishes to provide the mechanisms to achieve greater fluidity in the alliances that can be created in both nations, which will greatly benefit consumers to see how their shipments arrive faster with reduced costs thanks to the advantages offered by this transport model.


An intermodal mission with certain challenges

Although the intermodal mission  launched by AIMAS represents a significant growth and improvement in logistics processes at an international level, it also contemplates a series of challenges to overcome such as the deep evaluation of the current art industry in these countries in order to provide them with greater flexibility when publicizing their products,  to establish the perfect mechanisms for companies in Mexico and Uruguay to create efficient alliances under this model and to considerably reduce carbon emissions through the implementation of new vehicles and environmentally friendly technologies.

Intermodal logistics is  certainly one of the most efficient ways to achieve maximum productivity and responsible cost reduction during these tasks, without neglecting the contracting of cargo insurance that is consistent with the advantages of this interesting model. 

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